Mahabharat Section-8

Mahabharat Adi Parva Section-8

Sauti said : “O Brahman, Chyavana, the son of Bhrigu, begot a son
in the womb of his wife Sukanya. And that son was the illustrious Pramati of resplendent energy. And Pramati begot in the womb of Ghritachi a son called Ruru. And Rum begot on his wife Pramadvara
a son called Sunaka. And I shall relate to you in detail, O Brahmana,
the entire history of Ruru of abundant energy. O listen to it then in
full 1? “Formerly there was a great Rishi called Sthulakesha possessed of ascetic power and learning and kindly disposed towards all creatures. At that time, O Brahmana sage, Viswavashu, the King of the Gandharvas, it is said, had intimacy with Menaka, the celsstial dancing-girl.
And the Apsara, Menaka, O thou of the Bhrigu race, when her time was come, brought forth an infant near the hermitage of Sthulakesha.
And dropping the new-born infant on the banks of the river, O Brahmana, Menaka, the Apsara, being destitute of pity and shame, went
away. And the Rishi, Sthulakesha, of great ascetic power, discovered
the infant lying forsaken in a lonely part of the river-side. And he
perceived that it was a female child, bright as the offspring of an Immortal and blazing, as it were, with beauty. And the great Brahmana,
Sthulakesha, the first of Munis, seeing that female child, and filled with
campassion, took it up and reared it. And the lovely child grew up in
his holy habitation, the noble-minded and. blessed Rishi Sthulakesha
performing in due succession all the ceremonies beginnning with that at birth as ordained by the divine law. And beacuse she surpassed all of her
sex in goodness, beauty, and every quality, the great Rishi called her by
the name of Pramadvara. And the pious Ruru having seen Pramadvara
in the hermitage of Sthulakesha became one whose heart was pierced by
the god of love. And Ruru by means of his companions made his father
Pramati, the son of Bhrigu, acquainted with his passion. And Pramati
demanded her of the far-famed Sthulakesha for his son. And her foster- father betrothed the virgin Pramadvara to Ruru, fixing the nuptials
for the day when the star Varga-Daivata (Purva-phalguni) would be
ascendant. “Then within a few days of the time fixed for the nuptials, the beautiful virgin, while at play with companions of her own sex, her time
having come, impelled by fatei trod upon a serpent which she did not perceive as it lay in coil. And the reptile, urged to execute the will of
56 MAHABHAJUATA Fate, violently darted its envenomed fangs into the body of the heedless maiden. And stung by that serpent, she instantly dropped senseless on the ground, her colour faded and all the graces of her person went off. And with dishevelled hair she became a spectacle of woe to her companions and friends. And she who was so agreeable to behold became on her death what was too painful to look at. And the girl of slender
waist lying on the ground like one asleep being overcome with the poison of the snake once more became more beautiful than in life. And
her foster-father and the other holy ascetics who were there, all saw her
lying motionless upon the ground with the splendour of lotus. And
then there came many noted Brahmanas filled with compassion, and tney
sat around her. And Swastyatreya, Mahajana, Kushika, Sankhamekhala,
Uddalaka, Katha, and Sweta of great renown, Bhardwaja, Kaunakutsya,
Arshtisena, Gautama, Pramati, and Pramati’s son Ruru, and other
inhabitants of the forest, came there. And when they saw that maiden
lying dead on the ground overcome with the poison of the reptile that
had bitten her, they all wept filled with compassion. But Ruru, mortified beyond measure, retired from the scene.” So ends the eighth section of the Pauloma Parva of the Adi Parvaof the blessed Mahabharata.