Mahabharat Section-4

Ugrasrava Sauti, the son of Lomaharsana, versed in the Puranas.
while present in the forest of Naimisha, at the twelve years’ sacrifice of Saunaka, surnamed Kulapati, stood before the Rishis in attendance.
Having studied the Puranas with meticulous devotion and thus being
thoroughly acquainted with them, he addressed them with joined hands
thus, “I have graphically described to ye the history of Utanka which is one of the the causes of King Janamejay’s Snake-sacrifice. What,
reverend Sirs, do ye wish to hear now ? What shall I relate to ye ?” The holy men replied, “O son of Lomaharsana, we shall ask thee about
what we are anxious to hear and thou wilt recount the tales one by one. Saunaka, our reverend master, is at present attending in the apartment
of the holy fire. He is acquainted with those divine stories which relate
to the gods and asuras. He adequately knoweth the histories of men,
serpents, and Gandharvas. Further, O Sauti, in this sacrifice that
learned Brahmana is the chief. He is able, faithful to his vows, wise, a master of the Shastras and the Aranyaka, a speaker of truth, a lover of peace, a mortifier of the flesh, and an observer of the penances according
to the authoritative decrees. He is respected by us all. It behoves as therefore to wait for him. And when he is seated on his highly
respected seat, thou wilt answer what that best of Dwijas shall ask of thee.” Sauti said, “Be it so. And when the high-souled master hath been
seated, I shall narrate, questioned by him, sacred stories on a variety of subjects.” After a while that excellent Brahmana (Saunaka) having
duly finished all his duties, and having propitiated the gods with prayers
and the manes with oblations of water, came back to the place of
sacrifice, where with Sauti seated before was the assembly of saints of
rigid vows sitting at ease. And when Saunaka was seated in the midst
of the Ritvikas and Sadhyas, who were also in their seats, he spake as followeth.